Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Blog on the Move!

Phew - that was a bit of an effort!

Aaahhh... Now I can finally relax...
Have just finished transferring all my old blog entries from my previous Internet host to my Blogspot blog, something that wasn't made much easier by the fact that Blogspot's "Import" functionality didn't want to work (think this is a known issue as many others have complained about getting the same error as me - sort it out Blogspot/Blogger!).

I had to manually copy and paste all my old blog entries, so that took me a little while. I wanted to keep the readers comments for each entry as well, but unfortunately Blogspot wouldn't let me edit the post time for each comment, so now it looks like everyone commented on my various blog articles within a few minutes of each other. Oh well, the important thing is that I have finished the bulk of the work now!

Final step is to point my web addresses ( and at this blog, and then I'll be sorted. In the meantime I will just point all links to my blog to this site and "hey presto" - we have a workaround.

In case you were wondering, I'm transferring to Blogspot to cut down on costs (you can't get better than "free", really), as I kind of need to save money now that we will have an extra mouth to feed... :)

Will be blogging more often from now on folks - I know I have made that promise several times in the past, but I'll keep my word this time.


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