Eating out in Switzerland

This page contains links to the various reviews I have done of some of the restaurants, cafés and eateries I've visited in Switzerland. It's kind of like a mini-Michelin guide, but without the prestige and with the slanted view of someone who loves fast food.

Below is a list of restaurants and cafés that I have reviewed at some point in this blog, along with the ratings I gave to each one (scored out of 10). Also next to each rating is a quote from the review article, to give you a flavour of what to expect.

Click on the restaurant's name to jump to it's review, or just scroll down this page to read reviews.

Rank Name Rating Quote from the Review
1 Restaurant les Berges de Vidy 8 "A very nice place to eat that will leave you satisfied with your choice"
2 Le Deck, Chexbres * 7.5 "As you sit down and gaze out at the glorious surroundings in this peaceful bar, you can almost feel relaxation coming over you"
3 La Terrasse, Bussigny 7 "Good, as long as you don't have the garlic sauce "
4 Les Chevreuils, Lausanne 7 "The only downside of the evening was when the bill arrived"
5 Holy Cow!, Lausanne 6.6 "Holy Cow! is in a league of it's own when it comes to burgers"
* rating for Le Deck averaged the scores for Location and Price; Food was not sampled.

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