Monday, 26 September 2011

Review - La Terrasse

Styled as a kind of Italian restaurant / brasserie, La Terrasse is in the little village of Bussigny-près-Lausanne, home to yours truly. It offers a range of foods from steaks to fondues to pizzas, all at fairly reasonable prices. The pizzas can be picked up for takeaway, and the ambiance inside is very welcoming.

I have eaten here a couple of times and the food is pretty good, although on one occassion (as written about in my blog, "A Quick Visit from Mum and Dad - Part II") I took a friend's advice and asked for the garlic sauce with my steak. I was expecting a juicy steak with a sauce that hinted at garlic; what I got was a nice steak covered in chunks of chopped garlic. It was more like a spread than a sauce, and the vapours from the garlic started making my eyes water before the waitress had even put the plate in front of my eyes. I couldn't quite finish my meal on that occassion, and stank of garlic for several days afterwards.

Despite the garlic setback, the quality of food at this restaurant is above average, as evidenced by a nice steak with peppercorn sauce (not a garlic clove in sight). It isn't particularly expensive, and pizzas are a good price at around 18.- CHF each.

I haven't been able to find a website for La Terrasse, but I managed to find one that has a fair amount of information for anyone who is interested.

Address:       Rue de Lausanne 9, 1030 Bussigny-près-Lausanne
Telephone:   +41 021 701 11 59


05 / 10 - Location - easy to get to as it is on a main road into the village, but not otherwise appealing

07 / 10 - Food - good, as long as you don't have the garlic sauce

08 / 10 - Price - Very reasonable, a two course meal would come to around 30.- CHF

Overall - 07 / 10 - a nice place to come for a pleasant meal with good food and reasonable prices.

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