Monday, 19 September 2011

Review - Le Deck

 This restaurant / café / bar is superbly located in the vineyards of Chexbres, and benefits from stunning views of lac Leman and the French alps. As you sit down and gaze out at the glorious surroundings in this peaceful bar, you can almost feel relaxation coming over you.

Relaxing at Le Deck
I have never actually eaten in this restaurant, partly because it's quite far out of my way and quite expensive, but also because no one has ever recommended it to me (I tend to rely on word of mouth). The reviews on Trip Advisor are not particularly inspiring either.

I'm told that if you do want to eat here you should make a reservation, as the demand is high in the summer months whereas the number of tables available is very low.

Service at Le Deck is somewhat slow. Maybe the staff prefer to spend time admiring the view as well? The seating areas are comfortable but can get very warm in the summer on a sunny day - the plexiglass panels used to block sound and wind trap the heat on the terrasse, so t-shirts and shorts are preferred to jumpers and jeans on these days. As the main attraction of Le Deck is the stunning views, it is only open between April and October each year. I doubt if anyone wants to sit on a terrasse in the cold rain anyway.

The drinks at Le Deck are fairly average prices for Switzerland, perhaps just a bit more on the expensive side. They do have a good choice of beers available from various countries around the world, so that's a nice touch. Local wine from Lavaux is available here too.

The website for Le Deck has a few nice photos and some information, but as it is only a "spin-off" from the Baron Tavernier hotel and restaurant most of the website focuses on that rather than Le Deck.

Address:       Route de la Corniche, 1071 Chexbres
Telephone:   +41 21 926 60 00

Open:           Mon – Sun: 11:00 – 23:30


09 / 10 - Location - stunning views and modern fittings, very nice indeed

xx / 10 - Food - unrated as I have never eaten here

06 / 10 - Price - as usual for most Swiss bars, drinks are fairly expensive but not excessively so

Overall - 7.5 / 10 * - Le Deck is a very nice place to go for a relaxing drink on a sunny, summer day.

* Overall rating averages scores for Location and Price, excludes Food as this could not be scored due to not being tested.

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