Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lydia Da Vinci

Lydia likes to draw, she likes to colour in pictures, she likes to paint. She also likes to glue shapes onto paper, and she likes to cut paper into pieces. In short, she seems to quite like arty things.

At two-and-a-half her artworks cannot really be regarded as masterpieces, but she is at least showing signs of progression. Here is an effort she did recently at the crèche during some circus-themed activities they did:

She seems to have managed a nice mixture of colours there!

One thing we have remarked with her is that she has, for the last few months at least, exhibited a drawing style of small circles and shapes, accompanied by squiggly lines that are her imitation of real words. Most other kids do big shapes with their pencil running wild over the paper, but Lydia spends her art time neatly drawing little circles and sort of peanut-shaped objects. It's a curious trait, but I'm hoping it means she will quickly jump to drawing real objects (as that's much more fun!).

Just in the last few weeks or so, she has started to draw little people. You have to stretch your imagination a bit to see them, but she does a circle for the head, adds eyes, a nose and a mouth and then draws legs and arms as well. She even recently started adding moustaches to them! Here is one of her recent men:

As I said, you have to concentrate to see the man, but in the circle at the top we can see the face fairly well, then the legs coming off the bottom. OK so he doesn't have a body, but it's not a bad start for one so young!

I'm looking forward to all the future fun that this can bring because art can be drawings, paintings, collages, crafts, basically an endless assortment of things to do, and this will be particularly handy when the cold, wet winter months set in.

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