Monday, 7 October 2013

A little bit of both

I wrote recently about giving Lydia egg and soldiers for the first time (see "Egg & Soliders", as part of my mission to replicate some of the fond memories I have from growing up in England, as I felt getting her involved in British things would help her appreciate her Anglo origins.

Well, she also stays in touch with her Swiss side as well.

We recently had a fondue meal with Chris' parents, and Lydia loved it. She particularly enjoyed dipping the bread in the cheese and giving the pot a good stir!

Living in Switzerland she is bound to pick up the local habits, and appreciating cheese-based meals (fondue, raclette, etc.) must be built into her genes.

It's my job to stick up for the British part though, leaving me scheming of other traditional British meals to try...

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Cíntia Costa said...

Hello, there! Your kid seems so cute :). I'm glad she enjoyed cheese fondue - it's my favorite Swiss meal so far! Nice to meet you and I'll follow your blog!