Thursday, 14 April 2011

When will it happen?

In our attempts at preparing for the moment when our family grows, we have got absolutely everything ready for the baby: a fully-furnished and decorated room, plenty of clothes and toys, a pushchair, car seat, a baby bath and various creams and products to clean and care for the little guy. The only thing that is missing is the baby himself.

At the time of writing, the baby is now two days overdue. Not that I blame him* for that, however, as I can understand the attraction of staying in the warm, comfortable home that he has made inside his mum instead of forcing his way out into a big, scary world, especially when you have to squeeze your entire body through a tiny little hole (possibly the equivalent of us trying to fit our head into an empty toilet roll?).

We had the nine month control checkup at the hospital this week (on the due date), to make sure the baby is well and that there are no problems. I think that we were both secretly hoping that they would say to us, "we need to induce this baby NOW" so that we could finally meet the little guy. Instead, they basically told us that the baby is doing well, and to come back in a week's time. That, my friends, is a very long time to wait.

Normally, one week would not seem that long to wait, but when you have already been waiting for nine months it can seem like an eternity. We are so eager to finally be able to cuddle our child that we simply do not want to wait any longer. We actually entertained the idea of a caesarian section to get the baby out, but the midwife put an end to those thoughts by stating that it is now too late to schedule that (a c-section would only be considered for an emergency).

And so, we have to wait. And wait. And wait... In fact, we might be waiting for as long as ten more days, as the midwife told us they only look to induce the baby at around 10-12 days overdue; as long as the baby is healthy and comfortable they see no reason to pry him out of his little home just yet.

Having already spent nine months anticipating his arrival, wondering what he looks like and how we will cope as parents, it is quite a hard task to ask us to wait for a bit longer. The baby, it seems, just does not want to come out. He isn't even born yet and he has already annoyed his parents. Looks like we will have a little rebel on our hands!

On the brightside, we can now safely say that the baby will definitely be with us by the 24th April 2011 at the very latest. We will set that date as the new due date in our minds so that if he comes before then it will be a pleasant surprise. Well, I say "pleasant" - Chris still has to go through the labour, so she might not agree with my terminology there.

Red, red wine...
In the meantime, Chris' aunt presented us with a little present to wet the baby's head when he does finally make an appearance - a 3 litre bottle of Dôle de Valais red wine (I think that this size of bottle is called a "jeroboam", although I am not an expert in these things so I could easily be wrong).

In all honesty, I think we would be able to wet more than just his head with this mammoth bottle. Even if I were to celebrate the birth everyday for an entire week I don't think I would finish it. Guess I might have to share it with other people then...

* Note that I refer to the baby as a "he" for ease of writing - we still don't know the sex, but I didn't want to have to keep typing "he/she", "him/her", etc.


Anonymous said...

Who is this Paul Red Peck chap? Are you famous?

Do you speak English in Switzerland?

Paul Reed-Peck said...

He is only famous in his own house, and even then he is a bit part player. I speak English in Switzerland but the locals in the area I live in are mostly French speakers. Most people here do speak some basic English, and most large companies have English as a required language for all employees.