Monday, 15 August 2011

The trouble with teething

Just when you think you're starting to get the hang of being a dad (or a mum), with your baby starting to smile and giggle and generally seem more peaceful, suddenly something else emerges that upsets the entire rythym and puts you almost back at square one.

I'm talking about teething.

Well, actually I'm talking about the bit that comes before teething, when the little teeth are beginning to form in the baby's gums, which understandly hurts the poor little thing and causes a lot of screaming and crying (mostly from the baby). For the last week or so, Lydia has seemed to be in a lot of pain in her mouth, giving such heart-renching screams that it really shakes you as a parent as you feel so completely helpless.

A teething aid, which
looks a bit like a
pair of balls...

We have tried rubbing a soothing gel onto her gums, another gel that is supposed to numb the pain, massaging her with soothing oils, and giving her a variety of refrigerator-chilled teething aids to chew on. None of these seem to work particularly well, as Lydia still seems to be in a lot of pain. It is hard to see our little girl in such obvious discomfort, knowing we - her parents and therefore protectors - can do nothing to make her feel better, aside from giving her lots of cuddles and reassuring words.

My mum told me that my first teeth started to poke through at around 5 months of age. That means we probably have another month and a half before we see the first of Lydia's gnashers, so can look forward to a few more screaming fits before then. If anyone has any tips on ways to ease teething pain I would be sincerely grateful to hear them.

Seriously, send me your tips.




Belly said...

Have you tried teething powders?

Paul Reed-Peck said...

Hi G!
I've been recommended to use "Ashton & Parsons" herbal powders. Looked it up on t'internet and seems to have had a fair bit of success with poorly tots, so might give that a go!
Touch wood, but Lydia has been better over the last couple of days so maybe all our remedies are kicking in?
Hope all is well with you and your family!
P x

Belly said...

Glad to hear Lydia's first bout of teething has passed, wishing you lots of luck for avoiding more. Amber teething necklace? We are still in trial and error now and Nina has 6 teeth!
Also, getting ready for her first birthday party at the weekend, busy busy!
Take care,
Love XxX

JOHN said...

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