Monday, 28 November 2011

Countdown to Mockmas

Most people (mainly children) look forward to Christmas with such eagerness and anticipation, longing for the big day to finally come. I'm no different. I love Christmas - the food, the colours, the decorations, and most of all spending time with family. However, at the moment I'm not counting down the days until Christmas. I'm counting the days until Mockmas.

Yes, you read that right - Mockmas.

"Mockmas" was a term coined by my brother Adam for our family Christmas this year, which is taking place on Sunday 4th December. The reason is that we can't all be there for the real Christmas Day, so we are having our own pre-Christmas Christmas to ensure we all share in the fun and festivities together.

This year is Lydia's first ever Christmas, so we really wanted her to wake up on Christmas Day (the real one) in her own home, with the tree and decorations all around. I know that she won't remember anything of her first Christmas, but it's a special moment for us. The first Christmas that we'll share together as a new family. I'll even attempt to cook a proper Christmas dinner for my in-laws, allowing Lydia to have a blended version as well.

Both my brothers will be visiting their in-laws on Christmas Day this year as well, so Mockmas is our opportunity to have our normal family Christmas, albeit a bit earlier than usual. I'm looking forward to Lydia's face when she sees the decorations and the Christmas tree, and then the fun of opening presents. Again, she probably won't realise what's going on around her, but we will enjoy it nonetheless.

I know my family is looking forward to it as well, and I'm happy that we will all get to share this moment together.

Just means that I need to sort out all the Mockmas presents before next weekend. I've already bought a few but not all, with some people harder to shop for than others... Fortunately, last minute Mockmas shopping shouldn't be too stressful as all the other shoppers still have a couple of shopping weekends to go until their big day, leaving me free to casually saunter around and pick up what I need (and possibly stop at Burger King and/or Subway if need be).

Ho ho ho!


nothingprofound said...

Hope yours and Lydia's first Mockmas is a joyous and memorable one. Beating the usual last minute Christmas rush will certainly be a bonus.

JOHN said...

Paul Sounds like you and Lydia are going to have a great Christmas,Your brother came up with mockmas.Good one.The important thing is your all still making an effort to get together as a family.Merry Christmas to You & your Family and babys'first Christmas.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I am late in reading this post. How was the mockmas ?

Hope you had a great time together.
Wishes for the new year!
Do blog more often. Would love to read more of your adventures ;)

Paul Reed-Peck said...

@nothingprofound - thank you for your kind wishes. We had a great Mockmas!

@JOHN - thanks for your comment, hope you had a great Christmas with your nearest and dearest too.

@Perfectly Imperfect - Mockmas was excellent thanks, hope you had an enjoyable festive season too! I'll try blogging more often in the new year, it'll be one of my resolutions for 2012! :D