Friday, 4 January 2013

Expat Dads Who Blog - Part III

The final part of the story about my move to Switzerland and my evolving life here since then has just been published on the excellent Geneva Family Diaries website. To read the article please follow this link.

In fact, if you're reading this article then you have most probably followed the link from their website, in which case I thank you warmly for your interest in my life and the things I have to say.

Me with my newborn daughter
The Expat Dads Who Blog - Part III article, entitled "Becoming A Father in Switzerland", basically tells the story of how it felt to become a father, from the joy of finding out my wife was pregnant, through the worries and concerns of how much my life would change, to the eventual elation of the birth of my daughter, and how my own little world has changed since that day.

If you followed the previous articles published on the Geneva Family Diaries website (see Part I - Moving to Switzerland and Part II - Settling in Switzerland), then you probably know a fair bit about me. If you haven't read them, but you still want to know about me - thanks again for your interest! - then I invite you to read the summary I wrote as a welcome message to visitors who read Part II (see Expat Dads Who Blog - Part II).

I have now lived in Switzerland for over three years, and in that time I have learnt a lot about this beautiful country. As you can see from various articles in my back catalogue, I try to write as honestly as possible about the things I see and do here, so hopefully this blog will help others in some small way.

If anyone wants to get in touch with me about life in Switzerland, please feel free to drop me an email:

Happy reading!


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