Thursday, 14 February 2013

For anyone with Swisscom TV

We have Swisscom TV at home, giving us a larger choice of channels to watch that a typical cable connection (although the vast majority of those channels are in German).

The main reason why I wanted to have this was because it comes with a selection of English-speaking channels, including BBC, ITV and Channel 4 from England, and I thought being able to watch shows from my homeland would help me keep my sanity after making the move to Switzerland.

In fairness, my wife and I generally end up watching the same shows, so having a larger choice of channels doesn't really make much difference, except for the fact that I can watch English shows.

Swisscom TV's iPhone application
One excellent feature of Swisscom TV is the digital recorder box - much like Sky Digital that I had in England. It allows you to record your favourite programs onto a hard drive to watch later. This has been particularly useful to record episodes of T'Choupi, a cartoon that Lydia demands to watch while she has her morning and evening bottles. We don't generally have the TV on when Lydia is around, but she refuses to drink her bottle without T'Choupi... Think our Swisscom TV box now has every single episode of T'Choupi ever made saved on the hard drive!

I recently stumbled across an iPhone application for Swisscom TV that I think is really worth getting - it's completely free, and allows you to browse the channel listings for every channel that you receive.

But that's not the best part - you can use the application to tell your box to record programmes, meaning you needn't be worried about forgetting to set the box to record a programme as you can do it on the go!

And, as an added bonus, you can watch many of the shows through your phone, so you don't even need to be watching your TV at home!

I have made fair use of this feature recently to watch football matches - we only have 1 TV at home and my wife is not a footie fan, so Swisscom TV app spared us an argument or two.

As it's free and has lots of handy features, I recommend this to anyone who has a Swisscom TV subscription and wants to make sure they don't miss their favourite shows!

I should point out that I am not affiliated in any way with Swisscom, nor am I benefitting at all from advertising their products on this blog. I am simply happy with their offerings and want to spread the good word! :)

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