Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pigtail Princess

Lydia's hair has never been particularly long. She wasn't one of those babies born with a luxurious full head of hair; with dark hair round the sides and a fairly sparse covering on top, she actually looked like she had styled her hair on the typical image of a monk.

We have had to wait what has felt like a very long time for her hair to grow - she's nearly 2 years old - and now that it's finally long enough to play with my wife is taking every opportunity to do just that. Ponytails and pigtails are the fashion of the day in our house now!

Unfortunately, and probably fairly understandably, Lydia doesn't like the process of tying her hair up, as yanking on her hair is rather uncomfortable. She therefore objects whenever we try, and it's not really fair of us to force this on her. The problem is that she looks so damn cute with pigtails, it's hard to resist!

This is her with pigtails: me, she looks really cheeky and yet unbelievably cute at the same time, although this is coming from my biased, proud-father viewpoint.

She is just starting to like the concept of a princess, so hopefully this will be the beginning of a long phase of wanting to wear pretty dresses, tiaras (plastic ones, of course), etc...

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