Saturday, 27 April 2013

Swisscom App just got better!

Back in February I wrote an article recommending the Swisscom TV smartphone app as a very useful addition to the life of someone with both (see For Anyone with Swisscom TV). Well, the app just got better.

In addition to all the handy features I mentioned before, the latest version also allows you to use your mobile device as a remote control by pairing it with your Swisscom TV box. Fantastic!

No more worries about losing the remote control, batteries dying, etc. Now, you simply need to open the app on your phone, browse the channels (which you can also search through by entering categories or keywords) and switch your TV on to whatever you want to watch.

Whether the kids have hidden it, the missus has lost it or the dog has swallowed it, searching for the remote is an almost daily occurrence for some people. That's where Swisscom TV's app comes in handy - as no one ever seems to misplace their phone these days (they follow us wherever we go), you'll always be able to operate your TV without having to stand up and press buttons on the box. Very, very useful.

Add to this the fact that Swisscom TV also lets you "rewind" back 30 hours, giving you a chance to watch programmes that you missed and forgot to record, and it's clear to see their service offerings are getting better and better.

Once again, as in my last article, I heartily recommend the Swisscom TV app to those with Swisscom TV and a smartphone.

I am not receiving any money or discount from Swisscom for promoting their services in this article; however, if someone from Swisscom happens to read this then I would certainly not turn down any offers!

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