Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Here Comes the Sun!

Here comes the sun (doo-do-do-do),
Here comes the sun and I said,
It's alright.
 -- "Here comes the sun", The Beatles

That's a song that just seems to make you feel so summery. Something else that makes you feel summery is, of course, the sun.

A lunch break well spent
We hadn't seen much of our beloved giant ball of gas in May, as the usual spring sunshine was replaced by rain, clouds, and cold temperatures.

However it now looks like summer is finally here, with Switzerland spending the last few days basked in glorious sunshine with temperatures in the mid-twenties. What a relief to finally be able to leave the house without wearing a coat!

I'm lucky that I work fairly close to the lake, so today I popped down to Vidy to have a little picnic in the sun. It was a great way to spend a lunch break, although it did get a little warm wearing a shirt and trousers.

Whilst sat relaxing during my break I began to think of all the things we can do now that summer is here (hopefully to stay for the next couple of months). We can all look forward to picnicing and barbecuing as often as possible, as well as strolling down by the lake, swimming, and so many other outdoor activities.

It also means it will be much easier to think of things to do with Lydia - there's only so many cakes a little girl can bake (see Little Chef) before she starts to go stir crazy from being stuck inside.

Here comes the sun - about time too!

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