Sunday, 16 September 2012

Circus KNIE and Rolle playground

This weekend we took Lydia to have a look at the Circus KNIE, which was in Nyon for a couple of days before heading on to Yverdon, Bulle and Bienne before spending a couple of weeks in Lausanne. Fortunately the weather was good, so we were able to spend time outside.

Finding the circus was really easy; it wasn't signposted from the motorway or as you enter Nyon, but we headed for the centre and suddenly the circus appeared on our right. We found a space in a nearby car park and walked over.

It cost 6 CHF per adult to get into the circus grounds. That's the price for entry only - the circus show is an additional 20 CHF. We didn't bother paying for the show as we know that Lydia doesn't sit still for long and so it would be a waste of money as we would no doubt have to leave early or suffer the looks of disgust from the rest of the audience at our failure to stop our baby from crying. If only we could find the off switch... (see Travelling with Babies)

Pony ride #1
The circus had a good variety of animals, which was the main reason we went there. Lydia seems to have started taking an interest in animals, so we thought it would be nice for her to spend some time looking at various different species.

We started with a pony ride (partly because Lydia saw the ponies as soon as we walked in!). She had already been on a pony ride during the Bimbadaboum festival in Geneva a few weeks ago (see Bimbadaboum!), and sge seemed to really enjoy it this time round as well, giggling with delight at the bouncing motion and happily waving at the watching crowd (they were actually other parents watching their own kids ride the ponies, but Lydia didn't care).

We paid for two rounds of pony rides for Lydia, which cost 3 CHF per ride and lasted about 2 minutes. Lydia wanted to go round again, but we were running out of cash so had to stop. She definitely seemed to take a liking to ponies though, so might have to keep an eye on this in case we've found something to keep her happy.

An unimpressed Lydia
rides an elephant
After this we wandered around and saw goats, zebras, camels (who seemed ready to spit at any moment), monkeys, horses and pigs.

We also saw elephants and then found out we could ride the elephant, so Lydia and I went for a trip on the back of one (it cost 3 CHF each, even Lydia had to pay despite sitting on my lap for the ride).

Lydia wasn't as thrilled by this one, possibly because she couldn't really see the elephant itself. One ride round was enough.

We walked around a bit more, ate some ice cream, and then Lydia had another go ride on a pony before we decided it was time to go.

Pony ride #3
Instead of heading straight home, we decided to stop at Rolle for a stroll next to the lake. Just near the carpark was an excellent playground area, which had two separate parts for younger and older kids. Both have sand as the floor, for extra cushioning in case someone falls off, which I think is a good thing. Lydia happily climbed up the climbing frame and went down the slide a few times, including flying right off the end on her first go and landing on her bum in the sand!

Having let Lydia run off her energy a bit at the playground, we then walked past the castle by the lake and found a little market selling lots of artisnal products, everything from cheese and sausages to oils and alcohols. We didn't buy anything, but it was nice to wander round. Lydia was more interested in picking up stones and seeing how far she could throw them, but at least she was quiet!

Eventually, we went back to the car and headed home. It was a good day out, and I think we all enjoyed the circus today. I wonder if Lydia has now developed a liking for pony rides?

Certainly won't be buying her a pony though. Wouldn't be right to make the poor thing live on our balcony.

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