Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Meet Globear

This is Globear. He is a teddy bear that glows. OK, so it isn't the most inventive name I've given to Lydia's fluffy companions, ranking up there with the likes of Mr. Cow (a cow), Pingu (a penguin), Giant Penguin (a rather large pengion) and Violet (a dolly dressed in purple clothes), but it's a name that seems to suit him well. 

In all honesty, his name is a misnomer as he is really a mouse (verified by his distinct mousey tail), but this was unfortunately overlooked in the quick-fire naming process.

Globear lives with us. He is Lydia's teddy bear, and accompanies her pretty much everywhere. He is a simple bear, relatively low maintenance and never causes trouble (partly due to his machine-washability).

He is also, in my eyes, a hero.
Globear joining a game of
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
at my 30th birthday party

Globear is Lydia's favourite bear (even though he is a mouse). Wherever she goes, he goes with her. At night times he is the one thing she cannot sleep without. We have tried replacing him with Yellobear (a actual bear that also glows but is yellow), but Lydia can tell the difference. She needs her Globear.

Wherever Lydia goes, Globear has to go with her. He's been to England and France as well as numerous locations in Switzerland.

Once, we accidentally left Globear at Chris' sister's house, and Lydia refused to sleep without him. She screamed and cried in her bed, knowing that her little friend wasn't with her. I had to make a late night dash to get him back from Chris' sister, just so Lydia would go to sleep.

Ever since this episode, and seemingly unbeknownst to Lydia, we have kept a team of Globears. There are 4 in total, collectively known as the "Gloteam": 1 in her bed (that should never leave the house); 1 travel Globear; 1 Globear at the creche; and 1 at Chris' parents' house. The Gloteam are in place to make sure Lydia can be comforted whenever she needs it.

Globear helps Lydia to sleep on a plane (l) and at home (r)

If the entire Gloteam was ever to disappear, we would have a very disgruntled little girl on our hands. Fortunately replacements are not too expensive, provided they have the right colour in stock. That's how we ended up with Yellobear - the shop didn't have any pink ones left.

Up to now, Globear has been our go-to bear for emergencies, ranging from soothing boo-boos to helping a grumpy, tired monkey fall asleep. Globear has given us so much and asked so little in return (except the occasional wash to get rid of sticky things). He is unquestionably one of the world's greatest unsung heroes.

Thank you Globear. Thank you for everything.

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